FAQ about Pre-Purchasing
FAQ about PFM
FAQ about Pre-Purchasing

FAQ about Pre-Purchasing

Can you send workers to the site to measure the size? How to charge?

Yes we can send our engineer to come to job site to do measurement. And Your company should pay for tickets,visa, and accommodation.

Do you have any quality assurance?

Natural stone itself is a good quality assurance, of course we provide products are a set of strict quality system

How can you ensure that the goods are not damaged?

We have very strict requirements on the packaging. We have taken into account some operation problems in transportation and loading. Of course, we cannot guarantee that the goods will not be broken even if we do so

Is agate product natural or dyed?

The gray color is natural, blue, orange, red etc bright color is not natural.

Can you help with the design, is it charged?

Yes we have a design department. We will help you to do design. For simple job we do not charge, but for big amount of job, we will have to charge since it will take so much time. But if you will place order, we can return this cost to you. 

Is the marble medallion printed or made of stone, can it be customized?

Of course it can be customized.The marble medallions are done with marble CNC machines, its cut from different colors of natural stones, and assembled by hand. Its not by print. 

Is there any quality problem with your stone,when it’s cracked or with repaired trace?

Natural stone cracking phenomenon is naturally present. This is usually a texture that is unacceptable to the public, so we usually fix it to form and there is some repair trace existed.

How to repair the stone crack? Will it seep after repair?

White marble can be repaired with transparent glue, other colors of marble are repaired with marble glue, and it will not be miserable after repairing.

Can you recommend the product for me?

Sure, what color you prefer? Do you have request for the veins? What place you used for? What's the style of your house?  We will customized your style accordingly.

I want to cancel this order, Can the deposit be refunded to me?

Order has been confirmed to started to produce based on contract, usually we do not return the deposit. But for special reasons, please contact our boss to discuss all details.

Can we not pay the deposit, or only pay 10% deposit?

I am afraid we can not do that. 30% deposit is a basic and common rule for export business. 

Why is the delivery date so late?

We are cutting blocks to make it, and the polishing and carving works are done by full handmade.To confirm details with your architect takes time, our production is counted from the date of confirming.

Why is the product quantity missing or more?

The unit price is for per square meter, but the actual size of the slab can be variable.

Why is the color of the bulk goods different?

For natural stone, there is no two pieces are same to each other in the world, but that is what we want, we call it “natural beauty”When we deliver a big amount of order, we will do assembling in factory before hand, we lay them out piece by piece to check the color changes, in this way, even there is some changes, we will minimize it. We will put similar colors to each other, and label them. In this way, even the colors change, its very smooth and gradual.